Home Rehab

Got a fixer-upper on your hands? The Department of Neighborhoods Housing Division offers two home rehabilitation programs you can take advantage of.

Owner-Occupied Rehab / Rental Rescue

The programs offered by the Housing Division are funded through grant money provided to the City by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As such, funding is limited. For the current status of any programs please contact the Department of Neighborhoods at 419-245-1400.

Owner Occupied Rehab

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist property owners with fixing code problems only such as leaky roofs, faulty furnaces, crumbling foundations, etc., and possible lead hazard issues. This is not a home remodeling program.


  1. You are the owner of record.
  2. You have lived in the property for at least 3 years.
  3. Your taxes and mortgage payments must be up to date.
  4. You meet the income eligibility requirements.

Qualified homeowners are provided with a 10-year, forgivable deferred payment loan of up to $32,000 for code related repairs and up to $16,000 for lead remediation. The loan may be forgiven after 10 years if you remain the owner of record and the primary occupant.

This program is facilitated by Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity. Apply now.

Owner Income Eligibility*

Household Size Max Annual Income Max Monthly Income
1 $40,250 $3,354
2 $46,000 $3,833
3 $51,750 $4,313
4 $57,500 $4,792
5 $62,100 $5,175
6 $66,700 $5,558
7 $71,300 $5,942
8 $75,900 $6,325

*Income maximums are set at 80% of HUD area median income.


Rental Rescue

The Rental Rehabilitation Program is available for owners of a rental property to rehabilitate 1- to 4-unit buildings. In order to qualify, the units must be currently occupied or reserved for low- and moderate-income households.  

The City will match up to $12,000 per unit for code related repairs. The City will match up to $16,000 per unit for lead-based remediation.

A nonrefundable $450 application applies for each property and can be paid once the feasibility of the project is confirmed. This money is applied to the costs of an appraisal, title work, and recording fee. 

Qualified property owners are provided with a 10-year, forgivable loan at an interest rate of 3%. 10% of the total loan amount will be forgiven each year, provided the owner continues to meet these eligibility requirements:

  1. Continued ownership
  2. Continued rental of all funded units to low- and moderate-income families that meet the income eligibility.
  3. Maintenance of the property in a habitable status.

To request additional information and an application, please contact the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development at 419-245-1400.

Tenant Income Eligibility* 

Household Size Max Annual Income Max Monthly Income
1 $30,240 $2,520
2 $34,560 $2,880
3 $38,880 $3,240
4 $43,140 $3,595
5 $46,620 $3,885
6 $50,100 $4,175
7 $53,520 $4,460
8 $57,000 $4,750

*Income maximums are set at 60% of HUD area median income.