Solid Waste - Landfill Operations Highlights

  1. Accepting additional trash from Steven’s Disposal that brings in additional revenue to the City.
  2. Increasing revenue by accepting biosolids from the Toledo Water Reclamation Plant and adding one new customer.
  3. Continuing to operate the Hoffman Road Landfill in compliance with the Ohio EPA environmental regulations.  There were no documented Notice of Violations in 2015 and are none through the first half of 2016.
  4. In conjunction with the Lucas County Board of Commissioners and the Lucas County Workforce Development Agency/The Source of Northwest Ohio, the landfill participates in the Lucas County Summer Youth Employment Program; providing the opportunity for a meaningful work experience for young people over a 10 week period during the summer.
  5. In an effort to minimize costs, the City of Toledo continues to seek out and accept, if appropriate, inert brick and concrete materials from demolition projects. Progress is being made in 2016 on recycling concrete stockpiled at the landfill for use in building roads that are needed for effective daily operations in the landfill .
  6. Maintain a full staff of operators and support personnel.
  7. Retain a Staff Professional Engineer to assist with compliance and operations.
  8. Continue to update the Landfill Gas Collection and Control System. There are 67 vertical gas extraction wells, over 12,000 feet of collection piping and upgraded equipment to more effectively collect landfill gases. 
  9. Held four Saturday Free- Dump Days during 2015 for Toledo residents.  Four Free Dump days are scheduled for 2016 as well.


  1. Payments to regulatory agencies directly related to normal landfill operations.
  2. Major projects completed to upgrade operation of our Landfill Gas Collection and Control System between 2012 and 2015.
  3. Payoff of Leased Caterpillar D6 and D8 bulldozers and an 820 Compactor.
  4. Increase expenditures to subsidize recycling as commodity prices have fallen.
  5. Continued efforts to minimize overtime and streamline the landfill operation.