Environmental Protection & Monitoring

The Landfill is designed to prevent pollution. Regular monitoring of the air, groundwater, and surface water are performed to insure integrity of the environment. All cells have a liner on the bottom and side slopes to prevent the escape of leachate (liquids that have come into contact with solid waste). A cap is installed on the top of each cell to provide a "tomb" effect, which limits the amount of infiltration from precipitation. Leachate is collected at the bottom of the cells and pumped to the Toledo Water Reclamation Plant for treatment. Measures are taken to prevent runoff of sediments including: rock letdowns, plantings, and an extensive surface water collection network directing runoff to sediment removal ponds. A network of Gas Monitoring Wells is sampled to insure methane is not migrating offsite. Dust, another potential air pollutant, is monitored and controlled primarily with the application of water along roadways and stockpiles.

The Hoffman Road Landfill is designed and operated to meet or exceed all applicable State and Federal regulations.