Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project

Methane gas is a byproduct of decomposition of solid waste materials. State and Federal EPA regulations require landfills that reach a threshold size provide proactive collection and control of landfill gas. Control of the landfill gas is important for not only safety and odor reasons, but also to protect the ozone layer of the atmosphere by reducing emissions of methane gas.

Over 60 gas extraction wells are installed at Hoffman Road Landfill to capture the landfill gas and safely route it to a flare where the landfill gas can be combusted up to 24-hours per day. Since 2010, the collected landfill gas can also be conveyed to a Co-Generation facility located at Toledo’s Water Reclamation Plant where the landfill gas is combined with digester gas to power a turbine to produce electricity. The Hoffman Road Landfill is projected to beneficially generate almost 1.5 million cubic feet of landfill gas per day, enough equivalent energy to heat approximately 3,400 homes.