How can Toledo residents help the recycling effort?

Recycling works!  Recycling is environmentally responsible, reduces waste and helps to preserve the City's valuable landfill space for future generations. Education is a cornerstone of an effective recycling program and Toledo residents are encouraged to keep these few things in mind when recycling.

  • Placing non-approved materials into recycling carts harms recycling efforts in Toledo.
  • One household that puts yard waste or other non-approved material in its recycling cart can contaminate 6-10 tons of carefully prepared recyclables. The whole load can be rejected by the recycling center and wind up in the landfill instead.

The City has conducted recycling bin inspections in 2016, 2017 and 2018.  While we observed improvements in 2018 in the contamination of the recycling waste stream, it continues to be a local, regional and national challenge.  The recycling world today looks a lot different than it did just 5 years ago and community cooperation is becoming increasingly critical to effectively recycling. The City's current curbside recycling program EXCLUDES THE FOLLOWING COMMON MATERIALS THAT CONTAMINATE THE RECYCLING STREAM.  SEE WHAT DOES NOT BELONG  IN YOUR BLUE BIN.  

  • Plastic film, plastic bags
  • Garbage, trash, or other food waste
  • Yard waste
  • Wood debris, bulky items, shingles, concrete, bicycles...etc.
  • Packaging materials
  • Clothing, linens...etc. 

Please see link below on easy ways to successfully recycle! 

Place the above items in the gray refuse containers, put out for monthly bulk pickup, or recycle elsewhere.    CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES OF CORRECT RECYCLING and to see what DOES BELONG in your recycling bin

  • We need all of our citizens to be mindful in their recycling in order to have an environmentally successful program.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PLACE CLEAN RECYCLABLES ONLY IN YOUR BLUE BINS AND PLASTIC BAGS IN YOUR GRAY BINS.  LOOSE, CLEAN MATERIALS ARE WHAT GO IN THE BLUE BIN

Let's help make recycling work in Toledo.  It is a community effort to make recycling work well and residents can do their part by understanding and following these basic recycling guidelines.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you!