Leaf Collection Interactive Map


Please note this change for the 2018 leaf program: the city will be utilizing street sweeping maps, rather than performing collection in order of zip codes like in previous years. The purpose of this change is to improve tracking locations of where crews are performing collection in order to provide citizens a more accurate idea of when leaves will be picked up in their area. Crews will work together in larger groups to complete each map before moving onto the next area. The schedule will be a “floating schedule” that may change daily due to weather conditions and crew movements. Maps are listed on the schedule in the order they will be worked.

To find your street sweeping map that will be utilized for your leaf collection pick up, please input your address in the interactive map below in the “Find address or place” box. The area will be in red font and may be displayed under the search result box.

To sign up for alerts regarding leaf collection please visit Lucas County Alerts

Cubic yards collected: 54,997

Please note, leaf collection will resume when the weather permits.

Click here for a First Pass schedule

Click here for a Second Pass schedule

Click here for a pdf map



Leaf collection is performed in the fall to help prevent leaves from clogging the sewer system, create safe driving situations, and maintain a clean and healthy city. The program is scheduled to take place for 6 weeks, with a goal of collecting a majority of the leaves before the first snowfall. Leaves are collected using two methods. Curbed residential streets are collected by using front-end loaders that push the leaf piles to the end of the street where they are then loaded onto trucks and hauled away. Street sweepers will follow the loaders to finish sweeping the remainder, leaving a clean street. Unimproved streets, along with main streets, will be collected using a leaf vacuum.

Residents are asked to not park on the street when leaf pickup is scheduled in their area. This will allow city crews to work more efficient and not miss picking up your leaves.

Residents should:

  • Pile leaves along curb line of your residential street no more than 2 days prior to your scheduled leaf pick up date
  • Keep storm inlets clear of leaves to prevent flooding and clogging of sewers
  • Mulch leaves, which add nutrients to your lawn
  • Brown paper biodegradable bags of leaves may be left at the curb

Residents should NOT:

  • Mix branches, twigs or garbage with leaves
  • Dumping leaves in ditches or creeks