Residential Road Patch and Repair

Residential Road Patch and Repair Program

The 2019 Residential Road Patch and Repair program, commonly known as Mill & Fill, is a more permanent fix for use on residential roadways that are plagued with cracks and minor potholes but do not receive heavy truck traffic. The road is first milled to a depth of about 1 ½ inches, the debris is removed, and the street is swept. Next, a paving crew places a tack coat and then lays hot asphalt and rolls it to produce a smooth driving surface. This process will extend the life of the street, resulting in a smoother ride.

How are streets selected for repair? Inspection crews drive each district to rate the condition of each street. Neighborhoods with the greatest concentration of streets in poor condition are selected, therefore increasing the efficiency of the program through logistics. Each street is then measured for repair and quantities are calculated. A list is then generated for each council district’s review and approval. Additionally, the list is also reviewed by other divisions to ensure the chosen streets are not scheduled for other major roadwork/repairs in the next few years.

The program runs from mid-April through October, and the streets are scheduled according to location throughout the City with respect to schools and annual events. The list of streets resurfaced can be found at the bottom of the page. 

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2019 Schedule