Transportation Highlights

  1. Reduced energy consumption of traffic signals by over 30% from 2011 by changing incandescent bulbs to LED units.
  2. Completed training of 8 of our Traffic Signal Technicians and obtained IMSA Certification.
  3. Completed conversion of a portion of Huron to two-way traffic flow.
  4. Worked with Engineering Services towards planning and design of major projects that included Collingwood Avenue, Jackson Street Transit Hub, UT/Dorr St Corridor, Secor Road, and Promenade Park.
  5. Replaced red ball turn signal indicators with red arrow indicators city wide.
  6. Completed 100% of pavement markings within the City for the first time in many years.
  7. Started program of replacing street name signs with new larger 6” letters and upper/lower case format as directed by new federal guidelines.