Bancroft Street Reconstruction - Secor to Parkside

The City of Toledo has been systematically pursuing grant funding for repair and upgrade of deficient major streets in the City including Bancroft Street.  Projects to repair these major streets can use up to 80% federal transportation funds thus greatly extending the impact of our local tax funds for road repair. Applications for all sections of Bancroft Street have been submitted and various sections have been awarded federal funding based on regional criteria for evaluating potential projects.  Funding for the construction of the section of Bancroft from Secor to Parkside was awarded and will be available beginning July 2017 (State Fiscal Year 2018).

The project includes full reconstruction of the roadway.  This means all existing roadway, curbing, sidewalk, and drive approaches will be removed and replaced with new materials.  The new road will be asphalt and the curbs, sidewalk and drive approaches will be concrete. 

The existing four lane configuration of Bancroft between Secor and Campus Road will be maintained.  From Campus Road to Towerview/University Hills the roadway will be widened (taking property primarily from the south or University side of the street) to install median islands and left turn lanes for eastbound traffic turning into residential streets in the Old Orchard neighborhood.   From Westwood to the east the street is proposed to include three lanes, one through travel lane in each direction with a center left turn lane for westbound traffic turning left into the neighborhood areas west of Saint Francis High School.  

The project as proposed is designed to comply with the City of Toledo Complete Streets Policy (TMC 901) and Regional, State and Federal Plans, Design Policies and Safety Guidance.  As noted above the project includes a lane reduction from Westwood to Parkside where traffic volumes are lower.  A three lane configuration improves vehicle safety, improves pedestrian safety, calms traffic (helps slow speeds to nearer the speed limit) and provides space for other modes (bike lanes).  A single bike lane adjacent to the curb in both the east and westbound directions will be added throughout the whole project area from Secor to Parkside.  This implements the regional bike plan and provides connectivity and continuity from other sections of Bancroft included in the City of Toledo Bike Plan 2015.  A modern single lane roundabout is proposed at the intersection of Bancroft and Parkside Boulevard.  Modern roundabouts improve safety, slow speeds, reduce delays and have a lower life cycle cost than a signalized intersection.  See attached proposed project diagram and presentation from the May 12, 2016 Public Meeting.

Construction is currently scheduled to take place in three phases.  The first phase involves replacement of the bridge that carries Bancroft Street over the Ottawa River (just west of Wyndhurst).  Construction on the bridge will begin in summer 2016 and be complete in late 2017.  The next phase will be roadway construction on the east end of the project, from the Ottawa River Bridge east to Parkside.  This phase is scheduled to begin in summer 2017 and be substantially complete by the end of 2017 (all work except the final surface layer of asphalt and some landscape work).  The third phase, to build the west end of the project, will begin when weather allows in spring 2018 and all work is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018.  One lane in both directions will be open at all times during construction except for short durations when a complete intersection will need to be closed for construction.