Plan Review Process & Infrastructure Design Requirements

The Division of Engineering Services receives plans for review from the City of Toledo's Central Permit Center or from the Toledo City Plan Commission. Once received, the plans are reviewed for the following:

  • Availability of water service for domestic, commercial, industrial and fire needs, and if necessary, the requirements necessary to meet those needs.
  • Availability of sanitary sewer service, and if necessary, the requirements necessary to meet flow and pollution control standards.
  • Availability of storm drainage for the site, and use of water quantity and water quality control procedures both during and after construction.
  • If the plans are for a plat development, this Division will also check to insure that the project meets the City's roadway or street requirements for pavement type and width, curbs, sidewalks and other streetscape issues.

The Division also reviews plans for areas outside the City, if the area is served by City of Toledo water or sanitary sewers.

Street and alley vacations submitted by the Plan Commission are reviewed for existing water or sewer lines. If these utilities are present then the need for a permanent easement is investigated.


Infrastructure Design & Construction Requirements