Lead Service Replacement

About Lead Service Lines

Toledo Public Utilities has replaced city-owned lead service lines systematically for 20 years through its water main replacement program.

During the past few years, lead service lines have also been replaced as part of the roadway reconstruction program, when encountered during service repairs, and whenever private property owners replace their lead service lines.

Of some 130,000 total water service line connections in the Toledo water distribution system, approximately 30,000 city-owned lead lines remain in service.  The number of privately-owned lead service lines is about 3,000 or 10%.

These lead lines remain safe as the City of Toledo utilizes effective corrosion controls in the water treatment process to protect the public water supply from the plant to the tap.

While the City of Toledo is not required by the Ohio EPA to replace lead service lines, our long-term objective is to eliminate all lead service lines from the Toledo system.

You can read more about how the City of Toledo keeps your water safe and view a map known materials used for your water service line.

Lead Service Replacement Loan Program

Toledo Public Utilities has updated the existing Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Lead Service Replacement Loan Program (LSRLP) to help customers replace privately-owned lead service lines. Toledo Public Utilities will annually allocate up to $300,000 to the CAP for private lead service line replacement loans on private property.

Property owners who would like to finance their lead-based service line replacement through a zero-interest 10-year loan with the city of Toledo can complete this application.

Loans of up to $2,000 at 0% interest will be offered to private homeowners, regardless of income, with up to a ten-year term, payable through utility bills.

According to Section 933.10 (a) of the Toledo Municipal Code:

The Department of Public Utilities may provide loans in an amount not to exceed $2,000 to Toledo residential water customers for the replacement of private lead service lines, private lead service lines are water pipes that run from the home to Toledo’s curb box. The Director shall waive the collection of interest on such loans and to establish the duration of the loan payments, which will be itemized on the utility bills, depending upon the needs of the customer.  The program shall be operated on a first come first served basis, annually, while funds remain available. Applicants unable to be served in one year will be eligible for the next round of annual funding based on the date of the application.

Property owners who wish to be considered for this program must submit:

  1. an application,
  2. copy of deed or title insurance policy, and
  3. three contractor quotes for the replacement of your private lead service line.

These documents can be submitted:

  1. by email to dpuaccounting@toledo.oh.gov,
  2. in person at the Customer Service Walk-In Center
  3. by mail to 420 Madison Ave, Suite 300, Toledo, OH 43604

After your application is submitted, you will be contacted by the Department of Public Utilities in approximately 3-5 business days regarding the next steps in the process.

If approved, property owners will be required to enter into a written loan agreement with the City and the loan will be charged to the property water bill.   

Submittal of an application does not guarantee approval. Applications are not considered complete if all documentation is not received.