Division of Budget

Commissioner: Melanie Campbell
Fax: 419.245.1863

As a part of the Finance Department, the Division of Financial Analysis (Budget) is charged with the creation, maintenance and monitoring of the city’s operating budget. In addition, the division assists, advises and directs the operating divisions in the financial operations of their divisions.

2015 Proposed Budget

2015 Proposed Operating Budget Book
2015 Proposed Operating Budget Detail


2014 Approved Budget

2014 Approved Budget


Budget Facts at a Glance

Office of Budget News & Events

  • The City of Toledo operates a $650 million Budget 
  • $244.4 million of this budget is the General Fund, which provides the majority of necessary services for the city. 
  • General Fund revenues are collected from a variety of sources, the largest being the Income tax, which accounts for 67% of the General Fund revenue budget. 
  • 67.3% of the General Fund Budget is used to fund public safety.
  • City Council District Budget Meetings: TBD
  • Proposed Operating Budget: Delivered to council November 14th, 2013