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Getting Started

Any construction work that is planned requires a plan review and permits to perform it, whether new construction, a change to an existing building or space, or changing the occupancy of an existing building or space. Some specific work is exempt from obtaining a plan review/permit.

Apply for a Permit

Applications can be submitted online via our online permit portal, in-person, or mailed in (with a check). Once an application has been received, you can check the status of your permit through the portal as well as find copies of invoices and upcoming inspections.

Submit Plans

Submit your plans, along with a completed application and any necessary supporting construction documents to the Division of Building Inspection. Construction documents, plans, and applications can be mailed to our office or dropped off in the first floor lobby of One Government Center where the Building Inspection mail bins are located.

Plan Review

The plan review process may go through many phases, depending on the nature of the work. Internal reviews will check plans fo

  • Zoning compliance
  • Water service plan
  • Sanitary sewer service
  • Storm water management
  • Right-of-way and easements
  • and more

Permit Issued

Once your plans are fully approved, you'll be issued a permit to perform the work as approved.

Schedule Inspections

After completion of the permitted work, you'll need to schedule a final inspection. This can be done through the online permit portal, or by calling 419-936-2720.