Our mission is to protect and enhance public health, property and the environment through the efficient and progressive treatment of wastewater in compliance with the State of Ohio and National Standards.


  • Meet or exceed all Regulatory Agency Compliance Measures: OEPA Regulations for Clean Air Act, Biosolids and NPDES Permit.
  • Make improvements to the anaerobic Digester system.
  • Complete the phosphorus removal optimization plan.
  • Continue the optimization process of the SCADA system to remote pump stations.
  • Complete the design and construction phases of Toledo Waterways Initiative projects to meet Consent Decree deadlines.

Awards and Achievements

  • Received a Silver Peak Performance Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for 2019.
  • Operated Co-Generation facility which burns Hoffman Road Landfill methane gas and digester gas to create electricity for the plant.
  • Operated the Wet Weather Facility capable of treating chemically 200+ million gallons of sewage per day during heavy rain events.
  • Completed the construction of the Highland Park Pump Station project.