Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement

The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement’s (MONSE) mandate is to partner with a cross-section of key organizations and community members to address the root causes of gun violence in Toledo. MONSE uses a public health approach that aims to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors related to violence at individual, relational, communal, and policy levels. This approach will strengthen Toledo’s community safety ecosystem.

MONSE’s 18-month roadmap includes:

  1. Strengthening the Save Our Community initiative.
  2. Convening the Community Action Table (CAT) for key partners engaged in community safety.
  3. Developing a Comprehensive 5-Year Plan for Neighborhood Safety.
  4. Building the capacity of all key partners engaged in community safety.
  5. Intentional engagement with youth impacted by gun violence.
  6. Coordinated crisis incident response.
  7. Launching a Violence Reduction Council.
  8. Coordinated and targeted greening, blight reduction, repairs, and beautification efforts.
  9. Identifying sustainable, braided funding to support work throughout the ecosystem.

    Community Action Table

    The Community Action Table is a multidisciplinary team of residents, community-based organizations, credible messengers, advocates, and systems (e.g., hospitals, public safety), that aim to foster safe, healthy, and hopeful communities in Toledo, Ohio.

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