What is the Community Action Table (CAT)?

The CAT convenes community partners closest to the issue of gun violence to improve cross-sector collaboration and coordination from grassroots through executive levels as we work to strengthen the safety ecosystem.

    Who is the CAT?

    Representing 53 organizations and neighborhoods, our participants have been attending monthly meetings since August 2023 to develop recommendations for the 5-Year Comprehensive Safety Plan.

    Interested in joining?

    What are the goals of the CAT?

    The outcome of the work of the CAT is a Comprehensive 5-Year Plan for Neighborhood Safety. This plan will serve as a guidebook for community-centered, cross-sector strategies that improve safety individually, within communities, and throughout Toledo. This plan, similar to community health needs assessments and improvement plans (CHNA & CHIP) in public health settings, will include recommendations from the 8 working groups detailed below.

    Comprehensive 5-Year Plan: Timeline

    Working Groups

    Built Environment

    Increase protective factors and reduce blight, disinvestment, heat, and other built environment factors associated with a higher risk of gun violence.

    CBO Capacity Building

    Build grassroots and community-based organizations' ability to do evidence-informed, high-quality community violence intervention and prevention work.

    Conflict on Social Media

    Increase protective factors while screening for and addressing violent conflict influenced by social media and other group messaging tools (e.g. AirDrop).

    Coordinated Crisis Intervention

    Establish coordinated system and community-based responses to gun violence.

    Inclusive Economy & Employment

    Invest in the people and communities that have been most impacted by systemic economic injustice.

    Public Housing Safety

    Increase public housing safety and mitigate risk factors related to gun violence in multi-family unit housing in Toledo, Ohio.

    Victim & Survivor Services

    Provide trauma- and healing-informed, person- and community-centered support for individuals, families, schools, etc. effected by incidents of gun violence.

    Youth Engagement

    Center youth voice and choice. These recommendations should increase strengths, opportunities and supports for individuals, networks and communities of youth at highest risk of or experiencing gun violence.