Pools open June 1, 2024!

The City of Toledo offers residents 6 public pools and a splash pad. Admission is $1 for children 12 and under and $2 for those 13 and older.

Roosevelt Pool is now open!
Savage Splash Pad will open at a later date.


Open daily 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Roosevelt and Willys pools closed Mondays.

Jamie Farr, Navarre, Pickford, and Wilson pools closed Tuesdays.

Pool closures are to ensure community access to the public pools seven days a week, and to provide necessary time for pool maintenance.

Pools may be also be closed if the chemicals need to be adjusted or if there is a problem with the filtration function.

Swim Lessons

City of Toledo

Leonard Rosenburg Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered at all city pools during the month of July! Registration is required and each class is limited to 10 students. Ages 3-18. $5

Register now

Swim Lessons

Gain basic water safety and swimming skills. Become confident in the water through practicing safe water habits and learning how to swim safely. Registration is required.

Call 419-241-7218


Jamie Farr Pool

  • 2000 N. Summit St.
    Toledo, Ohio, 43611
  • 419-936-3072

Navarre Pool

  • 1001 White St
    Toledo, Ohio, 43605
  • 419-936-3064

Pickford Aquatic Center

  • 3000 Medford Dr
    Toledo, Ohio 43614
  • 419-936-2501

Roosevelt Pool

  • 910 Dorr St.
    Toledo, Ohio 43607
  • 419-936-2863

Savage Splash Pad [closed for maintenance]

  • 645 Vance St.
    Toledo, Ohio, 43604
  • 419-936-2502

Wilson Pool

  • 3253 Otto St.
    Toledo, Ohio, 43608
  • 419-936-3071

Willys Pool

  • 1375 Hillcrest Ave.
    Toledo, Ohio, 43612
  • 419-936-2928