Ways to Pay

Use your bank's bill pay option.

Recommended. Most banks and credit unions offer a free way to pay bills online. Once the Department of Public Utilities has been created as a "payee", you can easily login and send payment each month.

Pay online.

We use a third-party service called Paymentus to process one-time payments with a debit or credit card. Paymentus charges a $2.25 convenience fee for every $400. You need your 12 digit account number to make a payment online. If you don't have your account number, please call 419-245-1800.

Paymentus Quick Pay

Drop it off.

Visit the DPU Customer Service Walk-In at 420 Madison Ave.

  • Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Drop your bill stub and payment in the utilities dropbox outside

Mail it in.

New! We use the Fifth Third Bank’s lockbox service to collect and process mailed in checks to improve efficiency and reduce processing time. Mail your bill stub and check to:

City of Toledo Utilities
PO Box 88093
Chicago, IL 60680-1093

Online Bill Portal

The online water bill portal is for customers who'd like to:

  • view account information
  • view past invoices
  • sign up or manage paperless billing save $1/month

Customers who wish to sign up for an automatic bank draft plan are no longer able to do that through this portal, and should use their bank's bill pay option instead. See instructions on how to create an account.

Department of Public Utilities Portal

    Online Account Review

    The online account lookup allows customers to find an account balance for any active account. This can be useful for customers who:

    • are renters and want to see the account balance, even if they are not the named account owner
    • are looking to purchase a property and want to see the outstanding balance on that account
    • want to find the total amount paid annually for tax purposes
    • want to quickly see their account balance without a login

    Review Account

      Need more help?

      Late Payment

      Late payment must be received in our office by the due date listed on the back of this bill. A 5% late fee will apply to the whole past due balance if payment is not received. If your payment is returned, you may be charged an additional processing fee, as well as any applicable late fees.

      Financial Hardship

      If you are experiencing financial hardship, customer service can provide guidance for how to best manage your specific situation. You can also read more information on programs for lowering your bill.


      Customers will receive written notice before water service can be disconnected for non-payment. Prior to disconnection, eligible customers may apply for an installment payment plan to pay off past due balances. Tenants of rental properties facing disconnection should contact customer service for guidance. Delinquent water, sewer, storm water, and refuse charges may become a lien on your property and subject to collection activity.

      Dispute Charges

      Customers have the right to request an explanation of charges, as well as dispute a bill. If a dispute cannot be resolved by customer service, customers have the right to initiate an appeals process within 30 days of the initial dispute. Read more about the utility dispute process.