Using EPA and CDBG funded grants, the City of Toledo is beginning a city-wide effort to completely replace lead service lines. Teams will work neighborhood by neighborhood over the next several years to complete the program.

Is my water safe?

Yes. To keep our customers safe the department has been utilizing specific water chemistry to coat the pipes and services in our system, encasing any lead or harmful particles allowing for safe clean drinking water. Required annual lead testing has consistently shown our water is free of lead and safe to drink.

Why are you replacing lines?

Toledo Public Utilities has replaced city-owned lead service lines for 20 years through its water main replacement program and over the past few years, lead service lines have also been replaced as part of the roadway reconstruction program, when encountered during service repairs, and whenever private property owners replace their lead service lines.

Of some 130,000 total water service line connections in the Toledo water distribution system, approximately 30,000 city-owned lead lines remain in service. The number of privately-owned lead service lines is about 3,000 or 10%. The EPA does not mandate the replacement of lead service lines, but the City of Toledo is taking a proactive approach to remove lead lines and continue to protect our water supply for generations to come.

How much will this cost me?

There is no cost to the property owner for replacement. The project is being funded by grants, not through service fees or assessments.

Public vs. Private

Service Lines

A service line delivers water from the water main to your house. It is split into two pieces at your property line.

1. Public side, owned and maintained by the city.
2. Private side, owned and maintained by the property owner.

What is the replacement process?

Notification Letter Sent

45 days prior to a lead line replacement, the city of Toledo will send a letter to the service address notifying the customer of their upcoming replacement.

Public Side Replacement

City crews will complete a full replacement of the city side of the service line. Public side replacement will involve digging in the road and public right-of-way. The replacement will take 3 days, but disruption in water service will last less than 6 hours.

Working on the lead line can temporarily disturb lead particles that may effect your water quality. Once your replacement is finished, city workers will provide you with a free water filter to use as a precaution. You can also flush your pipes by letting cold run from all taps for 30 minutes.

Private Side Replacement

2-4 weeks following the public side replacement, a city contractor will perform your private side replacement. This will follow the same process as the public side replacement, but digging will take place on your property instead of the public right-of-way.

More Information

For questions or concerns about the program, please contact:

Program Schedule

1/2Pilot/Junction2021 - 2022
3Old West End2022 - 2023
4Monroe-Auburn2023 - 2024
5Vistula2024 - 2025
6Broadway Corridor2025 - 2026
7East Toledo2026 - 2027

Lead Service Line Replacement Loans

This program is currently on hold. For the duration of the replacement program, private side replacements will be funded through grants, not loans.