Last updated: 01/09/2023

Customer service can be reached at 419-245-1800 for more information on winter averaging, fixed charges, storm water rates, and other utility questions or concerns.

City of Toledo Customers

Fixed Charges

A fixed charge of $6.00 per month is applied to each bill. There is no minimum charge for water usage. Water is billed based upon the water volume rate as shown below.

Water Volume Rates

Water volume is billed per 100 cubic feet (ccf). 100ccf is about 748 gallons.

First 160,000 cubic feet$3.318 per ccf
Over 160,000 cubic feet$1.847 per ccf
First 160,000 cubic feet$3.650 per ccf
Over 160,000 cubic feet$2.032 per ccf

Sewer Rates

Sewer charges include a fixed rate based on meter size, plus volume charges based on water that has passed through the meter. Sewer volume charges are calculated using a "winter average", or an average of water use over winter months.

We use your winter average of water usage to calculate sewer charges for the summer months. This means during the summer, additional water used for activities like watering your lawn (which does not impact the sewer system) won't increase the cost of your sewer part of the bill. Conservation efforts made during the winter months can lower your total bill for the entire year. Read our conservation tips for more information on how to lower your sewer charges.

Customer TypeMonthly Volume Rate
Residential and commercial$5.426 per ccf
Industrial$5.859 per ccf
Water Meter SizeMonthly Fixed Rate



Storm Water Fixed Rate

Single family and residential duplex properties are considered as one Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) and pay an average storm water charge of $3.80 per month. Commercial and industrial customers are charged the same rate of $3.80 per ERU per month, based on total exterior impervious surface area in square feet divided by 2500. “Impervious” means areas that have been paved and/or covered with buildings or materials that do not allow natural water infiltration, such as concrete, asphalt, rooftop, blacktop, etc.

Customers Outside City of Toledo

Water Volume Rates

The City of Toledo provides bulk water contracts based on Toledo rates for communities outside city limits. Communities outside Toledo add local charges to Toledo rates for distribution, maintenance and repairs, meter reading, billing and customer service. Local jurisdictions can provide specific rate information for their residents.

Sewer Rates

Toledo also provides sewage treatment for areas outside the city. Toledo sewer charges are comprised of a fixed rate based on meter size, plus a volume charge based on water usage.

Customer TypeMonthly Volume Rate
Residential and commercial$3.477 per ccf
Industrial$3.918 per ccf
Water Meter SizeMonthly Fixed Rate



Rate Increases

City of Toledo water customers should anticipate marginal yearly rate increases. See the chart below for an estimate of yearly rate increases over time, or contact customer service at 419-245-1800 for more information.