The City of Toledo plans to add two water towers on Northover Rd. near Silver Creek Elementary School.

We care deeply about maintaining reliable utility infrastructure to deliver safe and clean water to all residents, and developing sustainable public infrastructure that services the needs of the community.

The need to address water pressure in this part of Toledo, combined with the proximity of this location to a water main makes it logistically and financially the best location.

Placing the towers here also allows the City of Toledo to partner with Washington Local Schools to complete a public wetlands and boardwalk project that will provide educational opportunities for residents while also benefitting local wildlife.

We will work to clarify as much as we can as we move through this project in the coming months and years.


Public Meeting

Construction Timeline


April 2024 to April 2025

Water Tower Construction

May 2025 to October 2026

Pump Station Construction

November 2026 to March 2028

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The Arts Commission

We are partnering with The Arts Commission and their Art in Public Places program. Residents will have the opportunity to help make the decision regarding the water towers' visual impact.

What it will look like.

We plan to preserve the tree canopy and install a fence around the towers. The boardwalk and wetland will occupy the space between the school and the towers.

Site overview.

Last updated: 03/26/2024