Why are water towers being installed in our neighborhood?

The water towers will improve system pressure throughout the entire pressure zone. When we finish all new water tower installations, Toledo will have two pressure zones.

Where exactly will the towers be located?

The towers will be at the far east side of the property beside Silver Creek Elementary School. The construction entrance, and later maintenance entrance, will be on Northover Rd.

What will the water towers look like?

There will be two 2-million-gallon water towers. They will be about 160' tall and 56' wide. We will work with The Arts Commission and Toledo residents to determine what they will look like once complete.

Why are you building two?

We need two towers here to have water volume and redundancy to serve the new pump station which will be housed inside one of the towers. A single 4-million-gallon tower would require a larger property. With two, one can always remain operational while the other is inspected or improved.

Will the construction process disrupt our daily lives?

Water tower construction is planned to take place in 2025-2026. The boardwalk construction will be after the water towers are complete. Some construction traffic will access the city property via Northover Rd. You can expect some noise during construction hours which can range from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How will this impact our property value?

The presence of water towers does not negatively impact property values in the way that electric or cell towers do.

What safety measures will be put in place during or after construction?

The water tower site will be surrounded by fencing and the tree coverage will remain intact.

Will the water towers affect wildlife and natural habitats in the area?

The natural habitat surrounding the water towers will be protected by the wetland restoration and boardwalk installation on the school's property.

Are there any alternative locations that were considered for the water towers?

The need to address water pressure in this part of Toledo, combined with the proximity of this location to a 42" water main makes it, logistically, the best option. This location also allows the City to partner with Washington Local Schools to complete the public wetlands project that will provide educational opportunities for residents and benefit wildlife.

What are the long-term maintenance plans for the water towers, and how might they impact the neighborhood in the future?

Maintenance of the towers and pump station systems will happen regularly to keep the system in good working order. This should not impact residents. The water towers will need to have exterior maintenance performed approximately every 20 years to refresh the paint.