Keeping Toledo beautiful, one lawn at a time.

With the help of 52 community mowing partners, the City of Toledo's mowing program works hard each summer to keep our parks, neighborhoods, and boulevards neat and tidy. Mowing crews will work Monday through Saturday throughout mowing season, except on days when the ground is too wet.

Use the map below to explore where and when we plan to cut the grass this season.

Do you live near a property in need of mowing? If it's not already on our mowing map below, you can report it now.

2024 Mowing Schedule

The 2024 mowing season begins April 15 and runs through October 31. The neighborhood parcels are mowed weekly for April & May, then bi-weekly for June through October. The public parks, boulevards, and right of ways are mowed weekly from April through July, then bi-weekly August through October. Please see the corresponding dates below.

Neighborhood ParcelsParks, Boulevards, and Right of Ways
Cut #1April 15-20April 15-20
Cut #2April 22-27April 22-27
Cut #3April 29- May 4April 29- May 4
Cut #4May 6-11May 6-11
Cut #5May 13-11May 13-11
Cut #6May 27- June 8May 27- June 1
Cut #7June 10-22

June 3-8

Cut #8June 24-July 6June 10-15
Cut #9July 8-20June 17-22
Cut #10July 22- August 3June 24-29
Cut #11August 5-17July 1-6
Cut #12August 19-31July 8-13
Cut #13September 2-14July 15-20
Cut #14September 16-28July 22-27
Cut #15September 30- October 12July 29- August 3
Cut #16October 14-26August 12-24
Cut #17October 28-31August 26- September 7
Cut #18September 9-21
Cut #19September 23- October 5
Cut #20October 7-19
Cut #21October 21-31

Code Compliance

Max Height: 8"

Keep all grass mowed to the edge of the street or alley. Grass must be kept shorter than 8 inches.

Code Compliance Guide

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