Take care of your property.

This starts with meeting the minimum standards for properties set forward by the Toledo Municipal Code (TMC). Violations can result in fines, or property owners being invoiced for time to resolve the issue. More importantly, well maintained properties make your neighbors happy and improve the quality of your neighborhood. Here are some common code violations you should brush up on.

Tall grass

Keep all grass mowed to the edge of street or alley. Grass must be kept shorter than 8 inches.

Abandoned or unsafe buildings

Buildings must be maintained regardless of whether or not they are occupied. This includes sealing doors and windows, removing visible junk and debris, and ensuring the structure is not in a condition that could cause harm to anyone. Buildings deemed unsafe are subject to condemnation and demolition.

Vacant properties should be registered to the Vacant Residential Building Registry within 30 days of vacancy. The property owner will be responsible for a $200 yearly fee for every year the building remains on the registry.

Register a vacant building

Illegal parking

It is illegal to park on your grass in the City of Toledo. This includes working cars, boats, trailers, campers, and RVs, as well as inoperable vehicles.

Trash and illegal dumping

Trash and recycling set out at the curb must be contained within City approved bins, and placed on the curb no earlier than 5 p.m. the night before pickup. Residents may request 1 bulk pickup per month for large items or brush. This must be scheduled before placing bulk trash at the curb.

Find your pickup schedule

It is illegal to dump trash on vacant properties, in alleys, or on public property. You can report illegal dumping to Engage Toledo by phone, email, or through the Engage Toledo app.

Grounds maintenance

Keep all outdoor areas clean and clear of debris, trash, and prohibited items including couches, TVs, etc. The only items that should be kept outside are usable lawn furniture, pool equipment, bikes and toys, grills, and trash bins.


Fences must be properly maintained by the property owner. If a fence is in need of repair, you may need a permit. Please contact the Division of Building Inspection for more information about permits.

More about fence requirements

Take pride in your neighborhood

Encourage your neighbors to follow suit.

If you notice something isn't right on your neighbors property, a simple conversation can create motivation to change.

Escalate violations as needed.

To report code violations, please contact Engage Toledo by phone or email, or submit service requests through the Engage Toledo app.