The Toledo Civilian Police Review Board gives anyone a fair and impartial appeal process for complaints of police misconduct or allegations in which a person is dissatisfied with the findings of the Toledo Police internal investigations.

The Toledo Civilian Police Review Board may act in an advisory capacity to the Toledo Police Chief on various issues such as policies and procedures.

The Toledo Civilian Police Review Board is empowered to conduct investigations and hold public hearings that include any written or oral statements volunteered by the complainant, residents, or officers involved, as well as recordings of witnesses, made by the police. If the Department of Internal Affairs finds no wrongdoing, the complainant can file an appeal with the Civilian Police Review Board within 14 days. The appeal must include the complainant’s name, address, and a copy of the Internal Affairs finding. The appeal should also include contact information for any witnesses the complainant believes the board should hear from, and a stated reason for the appeal. The board may waive the 14-day limit to permit late filings. The Toledo Civilian Police Review Form will be included in your Internal Affairs response and can also be obtained at the Mayor’s office.

The Toledo Civilian Police Review Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month in a conference room on the first floor of One Government Center. While these meetings are generally open to the public, certain segments involving the details of ongoing investigations may be closed.

Thirteen volunteer members sit on the board. District appointments are one-year terms, with a maximum of three consecutive terms. All other members have two-year terms and may serve a maximum of two terms. At least one member shall be selected from each of the six Toledo City Council Districts. At least one member shall be a member of the N.A.A.C.P. and at least one member shall be representative of the Hispanic community. At least one member shall be a practicing attorney and at least one member shall have a background in human relations. At least three members shall have backgrounds in law enforcement, but not active with the Toledo Police Department. Each board member shall reside in the City of Toledo. The remaining two members may be residents of any part of the city. All members must complete the Civilian Police Academy and ride-alongs with a Toledo Police officer or a member of the S.E.D. unit.

Toledo City Council first established the Toledo Civilian Police Review Board in 1991.

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