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Business Permits

Division Responsibilities

  • Receive, process, validate, remit and deposit incoming payments for income taxes and other city revenue.
  • Receive and account for electronic remittances of income taxes and other City revenue.
  • Manage, invest and safeguard all financial assets of the City.
  • Disburse City funds for payroll, accounts payable and tax refunds through the issuance of checks, wire transfers and other electronic payments.
  • Administer the processing of all wage attachments concerning City employees.
  • Administer the City's Fire Escrow program.
  • Issue City business licenses and various other permits.
  • Maintain all appropriate accounts and records as necessary.
  • Prepare and distribute appropriate financial reports and statements.
  • Manage all City banking relationships.
  • Provide customer service related to all divisional functions.
  • Initiates legislation providing authorization to perform assessed services and levying those assessments to the taxpayer.
  • Perform necessary calculations to determine annual assessments.
  • Compilation and review of annual projects including surface treatment, street lighting, sidewalk reconstruction and other assessed services.
  • Annual review of County's records of parcel land changes.
  • Maintain and review citywide revenue budgets.