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Reducing Blight

Clean Toledo

In 2021, driven by efforts to reduce unsightly properties and dumping in the city of Toledo, the Department of Public Service started the Clean Toledo Initiative to clear the city of blight. Crews respond to reports of blight concerns, including debris, trash, or illegal dumping on public or abandoned properties. The removal of blight in our community helps stabilize property values and eliminate crime, sustaining the viability of our neighborhoods. Our proactive approach to property maintenance means you'll see Urban Beautification workers out in neighborhoods, at community events, and working at neighborhood clean-up events.

Report a Blight Concern

2024 Clean Toledo Event Schedule

Help us keep your neighborhood clean!

In 2024, Clean Toledo will host 13 recycling events and 15 Block by Block cleanups for all of those hard to get rid of household items like paint and stain, old TVs, and yard waste.

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Division Activities


  • Manage city tree inventory of over 90,000 trees
  • Plant average of 460 trees per year
  • Trim average of 1,875 trees per year
  • Remove average of 1,700 trees per year
  • Remove average of 715 stumps per year.
  • Grind and provide approximately 20,500 yards of mulch per year

Street Sweeping

  • makes our roads cleaner, safer, more visually appealing
  • prevents unwanted materials from going into our storm drains, rivers, and air
  • removes litter, debris, and hazardous material from our roadways
  • preserves the life of the pavement within our community
  • 5,300,000 lbs. of debris is removed from city streets on average per year