We maintain all City of Toledo facilities, vehicles, and equipment.

Our performance is measured by the amount of work orders that are submitted for service, and the ability to complete those work orders within a timely and efficient manner while providing the best service and support possible to other divisions.


Facility Operations is an internal citywide service unit responsible for building maintenance and repair, energy management programs, and facility design and construction, to keep citywide departments/divisions continually operational. We ensure a healthy, functional, aesthetic and sustainable building environment for all city employees and the public by providing cost-effective and responsive facility, property and energy management. We provide the mechanical and structural maintenance, (i.e., heating and ventilation, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, roof, ceilings, floors, etc.) of all city buildings, shelters, community centers, pools, fountains, memorials, etc., keeping them up to required mandates/codes, and insuring occupants’ comfort and safety. Additionally, we are support service for special events including downtown festivals.

By the numbers

  • 176 City buildings
  • 6 swimming pools and 1 splash pad
  • 20 ball diamonds
  • 10 tennis courts
  • 4 fountains (Festival Park, Harvard Circle, International Park, and Levis Park)


Fleet Operations is an internal citywide service unit responsible for fleet maintenance, repairs, fueling and vehicle/equipment acquisition, to keep citywide departments/divisions continually operational. We meet the transportation and equipment needs of city departments by providing effective maintenance and repair services, managing fuel operations, acquiring new vehicles and equipment, and operating city motor pool. We provide mechanical maintenance/repair of over 2,000 citywide vehicles/equipment and procurement of new vehicles/equipment. Additionally, we are support service for emergency snow and ice control and leaf collection.

By the numbers

  • Nearly 1,850 vehicles

Division Goals

  • Implement an in-house auto body repair shop utilizing the existing equipment at the new Facility and Fleet location in order to save time and money on vehicle accident repairs.
  • Implement seven day-a-week coverage at the Safety Forces Garage on Imlay in order to increase productivity and service and reduce overtime cost to the general fund.
  • Implement FASTER stations throughout the garage to allow Fleet employees to log work orders on their own. This will improve accountability and efficiency.
  • Reorganize the process of purchasing equipment for the city fleet by adding personnel, which will expedite the acquisition of necessary equipment and cut down on job costs and down time.