We are dedicated to the operation of the Hoffman Road landfill and ensuring proper disposal and management of solid waste in support of the Lucas County refuse collection operations.

Our division provides access to the Hoffman Road Landfill for Lucas County refuse collection operations, Lucas County residents, and other customers approved by City Council for solid waste disposal. We also work closely with the Lucas County Health Department and Ohio EPA to ensure landfill operations are in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

We operate the Landfill in accordance with established industry guidelines as well as State and Federal regulations. This is measured by monthly Ohio EPA inspections, with no violations noted. We continue to generate revenue by selectively considering new customers, and strive to increase the life of the landfill by updating design and waste compaction efforts.


  1. To continue support of Lucas County’s Republic Services’ contract for collection of Lucas County’s residential refuse.
  2. To effectively and efficiently manage the landfill as a city asset, employing technology and innovative practices to achieve an overall, annual in place density of at least 1600 pounds per cubic yard.
  3. To secure permit modifications and/or alterations that will extend the life of the Landfill
  4. Continue to develop an engaged, well-trained and effective workforce.