Pay Past Due Water Bills

If you're behind on water bills, we want to help you get caught up before the moratorium on water shut offs ends. Here are some opportunities to get help paying off your balance.

Home Relief Grant

The state of Ohio, working with Pathway Inc, will help eligible Ohioans who are behind on rent, mortgage, and water/sewer utility bills catch up on past payments back to April 1, 2020 and provide additional assistance through December 30, 2020.

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Bill Pay Assistance

This program provides low-income customers assistance with paying off past due balances. To qualify, the account holder must meet the federal income guidelines and have an account in past due/disconnected status. To apply, please contact customer service.

Customer Assistance Program [on hold]

The customer assistance program provides customers with a loan of up $1,500 to help pay past due balances. This program is currently suspended as the moratorium on water shutoffs continues. Check back for more information.

Debt Relief Program [coming soon]

Coming soon! A new program from the City of Toledo to help pay of water bill balances. Check back for more information.

Installment Payment Plan

This program is available to anyone with a past due balance. To enroll, please contact customer service.

Lower Your Monthly Bill

Paperless Billing

Sign up for paperless billing to receive $1 off your monthly bill!

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Senior Discount

The senior water discount program is available to primary, single-family, and owner-occupied residences of Toledo. Homeowners must be 65 or older, or totally and permanently disabled.

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Low-Income Senior Discount

The low-income senior discount program is an additional 15% off the water volume portion of your bill. It is available to recipients who meet the eligibility criteria for the senior discount program, as well as income requirements.

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