A Policy Framework for Local Lawmakers

The “5 I’s of Disability Justice” is a policy framework built on foundational values to which self-advocates and activists within the disability movement have dedicated themselves for the latter half of the 20th century.

This framework was adopted by Toledo City Council on April 27, 2021. Read the full text of the legislation.

Graphic: A 5-point star containing the words

Disability Friendly Policy

Involvement, independence, inclusion, implementation, and intersectionality make up this framework. When used by the policy maker, the 5 I’s framework ensures the creation of truly disability friendly public policy.


Were people with disabilities involved in the formulation of this policy prior to its first presentation?


How does this policy foster and promote independence for the people it aims to support?


How does this policy contribute to a more significant integration of people with disabilities in their communities?


Can this be implemented effectively and efficiently in a way that accomplishes the desired outcome?


How does this policy intersect with the policy priorities of other marginalized and disadvantaged groups?