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 Paula Hicks-Hudson


  Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson Bio

  PHONE: 419-245-1001    

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As Mayor, I’m working to provide citizens with more accurate and timely information; to be accessible in person at community meetings and through email; to communicate clearly about what can and cannot be accomplished with available resources; and to encourage collaboration so that we can accomplish more by working together.

If there’s an issue we need to hear about, we hope you will let us know by using the Engage Toledo Mobile App or by calling 419-936-2020.

Informed communities are better able to participate, provide meaningful feedback on programs, and take part in meaningful conversations. To stay in touch, I hope that you will refer to this page for monthly updates, “like” the City of Toledo FaceBook page, and sign up to receive Text Alerts through the link on our home page.

If you missed the State of the City Address, you can access the PDF here: State of the City Address

-Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson