Division of Debt Management

Commissioner: Dave Shriner
Phone: 419.245.1611
Fax: 419.245.1863

The Division of Debt Management must balance the financial needs of the City with the most economically and financially feasible methods of borrowings. The office monitors and follows a strict debt policy as well as completes and monitors a 5-year capital improvement plan.

 2014 Capital Improvement Plan 

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a roadmap that provides direction and guidance for the City of Toledo to carefully plan and manage its capital and infrastructure assets. 

Your CIP Dollars At Work: 

Forest Cemetery Roadway Projects
Forest Cemetery

 Sewer Repair City Park

Michele Dr New Curb Gutter


Debt Management

The Debt Management Office is responsible for maintaining and improving the city bond rating. A rating is an independent view of the financials and economic conditions of the city.

The City of Toledo has a Moody’s rating of “A2” and a Standards and Poor’s rating of “A” with a stable outlook. The ratings mean the city is an upper medium grade investment but susceptible to economic conditions, especially when the city is heavily reliant on the manufacturing industry. This is a very good rating and consequently city bonds ate very well accepted by the investment industry.