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Welcome to the Department of Public Utilities!

The Mission of the Department of Public Utilities is to improve the health, vitality and overall quality of our customers’ lives by consistently delivering trustworthy, excellent, sustainable, and affordable public utility services on a regional basis.

We support the mission by providing:

  • Top quality drinking water
  • Effective storm and waste water management
  • Well-maintained utility infrastructure
  • Safe and functional roadways
  • Proactive environmental protection
  • Customer education to foster conservation and environmental stewardship

Benchmarking Best Practices

In addition to performing routine work, we’ve been looking at how other cities operate their utilities and conducting internal assessments to find new ways to enhance the services we provide for our customers.  Our team seeks innovative solutions to often complicated issues.  It’s important that we continue to explore the best practices of our industry, and adopt those that will help move our region forward.  We’re pleased that a number of initiatives have already been implemented and anticipate continuing progress.

Performance Audit

During 2014 an independent audit is taking place to evaluate our current operations against industry standards and to complement the benchmarking processes we’ve conducted internally.  Our intention is to assure that future capital expenditures are made on a timely basis, scheduled maintenance and repairs are done when necessary, appropriate staffing levels are maintained and that best management practices of the industry are incorporated into the Department’s long term plans.  We look forward to sharing the results of the performance audit with the community upon its completion later in the year.

2013 Annual Report

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