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Welcome to the Department of Public Utilities!

The Mission of the Department of Public Utilities is to improve the health, vitality and overall quality of our customers’ lives by consistently delivering trustworthy, excellent, sustainable, and affordable public utility services on a regional basis.


The Senior Water Discount Program now offers additional income-based water volume reductions for qualifying Toledo residents. Please see details in links on the right of this page or by speaking with a Customer Service Representative at 419-245-1800.

DPU Performance Audit Complete

On January 21, Schumaker & Company presented to City Council their findings and recommendations associated with their recent audit of the Department of Public Utilities.

We’re pleased that the auditors provided a tough independent review of DPU that will be used to dramatically upgrade our operations.  The report compares our performance in various areas against industry standards, something that has not been done before. 

The DPU management team has carefully reviewed and agrees with most of the 34 proposed recommendations (some with modifications) and also notes that many of the improvements are already underway.  In 2015, we’ll initiate 22 recommendations that Schumaker & Company believes are possible to complete within a twelve month timeframe.  (To see the full report, please go to the Performance Audit Quick Link at the right of this page.)

Equally important, the audit establishes a baseline upon which future performance can be measured and the means to analyze our productivity against the standards of the American Water Works Association on an annual basis so that we can track our progress.

In closing, this performance audit is but one piece of a comprehensive effort to improve and remake the operational processes of the Department of Public Utilities.  Thank you for taking the time to see what the consultants had to say.  We are using this report plus some other initiatives we’re working on to move the Department to a higher level of service, performance measurement and customer satisfaction. 

Thank you.  We appreciate and value you as our customer.

Edward A. Moore                                                                                                                                                                                     Director


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