Division of Solid Waste

Dan Pittman, Manager
3962 Hoffman Road
Toledo, Ohio 43611
Phone: 419.936.2640
Fax: 419.245.1399

For questions and concerns regarding refuse collection, please call 419.936.2511 or
visit Republic Services of Toledo Website


Mission StatemenT

Operate the Landfill within regulatory compliance of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA). Provide waste disposal for Lucas County refuse collection operations, Lucas County residents, and other vendors as determined by City Council.

Divisional Goals, Objectives & Initiatives

  1. To continue support of Lucas County’s Republic Services’ contract for collection of Lucas County’s residential refuse collection.
  2. To continue contract with Stevens Disposal that brings in revenue to the City of Toledo.
  3. To do permit alterations that will extend the life of the Landfill and allow the City to avoid the digging of a new cell for seven to ten years.
  4. To upgrade gas well field and increase the amount of gas available for the Gas to Energy Project (Co-Gen).

Major Functions

  1. Provide access to the Lucas County refuse collection operations, Lucas County residents, and other vendors as determined by City Council to dispose of solid waste.
  2. Collection and re-use of the methane gas that is produced in the Landfill to power generators and produce electricity for Toledo’s Water Reclamation Plant.

Key Measures of Performance for the Division

  1. Operating the Landfill in accordance with established industry guidelines as well as State and Federal regulations. Measured by monthly Ohio EPA inspections, with no violations noted.
  2. Continue to generate revenue through the acceptance of non-City of Toledo refuse (i.e., Stevens Disposal).
  3. Increasing number of years of life of Landfill – measured by success of alterations of the Landfill design.


The landfill has timely submitted the required renewal application to continue operation under a Title V Air Permit issued by Ohio EPA. The renewed Title V Permit is expected to be issued by the end of 2013.


Residents must enter the landfill via Manhattan Blvd.  No entry will be permitted from Matzinger/Schwartz Road(s).  Solid Waste employees are on site, verifying residency and load contents; and directing residents who will be permitted to dump at the landfill for free.

You are responsible to unload your own vehicle.  No manpower or equipment will be available for assistance.

Small contractors may bring their commercial waste/scrap debris to the landfill for a fee.  Contact the landfill at 419.936.3077 for information regarding commercial waste. 

A current utility bill and valid photo ID are required to verify proof of residency. 

We reserve the right to refuse any loads which we deem to be unfit.

Some items are not accepted at the landfill. Please call 419.936.3077 for more details.