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IDFirst Name Last Name Suffix Birth Date Death Date Funeral Cemetery SectionLot Row Grave
9892WilliamCarroll   MatheisForestP16 7
13074InfantCarroll    ForestOC20 6594
16252JamesCarroll   WalterForestR124 1
17855JohnCarroll   WhitneyForestOC53 8296
30923LuluCarroll   ZahnleForestQ31 5
37382JohnCarroll   GasiorForestOC35 384
39424AlexCarroll   LeonForestC9  446
42019InfantCarroll   AbeleForestC714 3992
43518RoxieCarroll   DaleForestOC56 1172
46096WalterCarroll   AbeleForestX234 12
47489MinnieCarroll   BennettForestP16 8
50749HerschelCarroll   DaleForestX3S 373
51068LouiseCarroll   DaleForest30 82
52770SarahCarroll   DaleForestC8X  1528
52873LorettaCarroll   AbeleForestC8X  1540
60774WilliamCarroll   DayForest30 444
63676RichardCarroll   H H BirkForestC8X  1806
64207WilliamCarroll   LeonForestX57 1
68390FredCarroll   CoyleForestX57 3
70951JamesCarroll   DaleForest3348 1
71573AddieCarroll    Forest3348 2
71615FlorenceCarroll   Witzer-sForestX281 5
72304MervelCarroll   AbeleForestX514 7
72550MaudeCarroll   Worth ClForestX57 2
74327EugeneCarroll   Worth-clForestX514 8
81585FrancisCarroll   WalkerForest38 87
85554PrudenceCarroll    Forest2310  
87468WCarroll    ForestC61 204
98261BrianCarroll 04/02/196906/16/2012Cremation Society Of Toledo     
99359JohnCarroll 02/06/194903/04/2013 Cremation Society of Toledo     
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