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IDFirst Name Last Name Suffix Birth Date Death Date Funeral Cemetery SectionLot Row Grave
8572InfantPerry    ForestC710 1886
9658OrliePerry    ForestC79 2231
9680ThomasPerry   FeeseForestY312 1
9723MosesPerry   J AbeleForestY492 3
9799HenryPerry   WalterForestY488 2
9806HazelPerry    ForestC712 2282
10172IdaPerry   BoyerForestW92 3
10643ElizabethPerry   HumphreyForestY492 4
11558JamesPerry   MatheisForestY663 1
12968HazelPerry    ForestX139 2
13092ElizabethPerry   FothForestVR1169 9
14512JamesPerry   MatheisForestVR129 1
14524SusanPerry   H H BForestY880 2
15705FloradienePerry   BoyerForestX199  
16511WilloneyPerry   H H BForestOC41 7826
17321InfantPerry    ForestQ16 1
18410LenoraPerry   ParksForestC15 3908
    End of List