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Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2017, Veo is one of micromobility's fastest growing and most innovative companies. Veo partners with dozens of cities and universities nationwide with exclusive and semi-exclusive contracts in its mobility share programs and is adding additional municipalities and campuses every month. Veo’s hands-on design and manufacturing process enables Veo to integrate safety, comfort, compliance, and reliability directly into the hardware, including its unique e-swappable-battery technology, turn signals, and underdeck light messaging.

About Veo

How to Ride

Using the Veo app, riders scan a QR code to unlock the device. Standard pricing for the Astro and Cosmo scooters is $1 to unlock and 35 cents per minute. Halo pedal bikes cost $0 to unlock and just $1 an hour to ride.

To end a trip, the Veo app helps users locate an approved parking area and take an “end of ride” photo of the properly parked bike or scooter before ending the ride.

GPS and LTE enable the company to track device locations and geofence areas that are no ride, slow ride, no parking, or recommended parking zones.

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Recent data from Veo's rider survey reveals the impact of shared e-scooters on Toledo's residents:

  • 33% of riders lack access to a personal vehicle, emphasizing Veo's vital role in providing a sustainable mobility option for residents.
  • 30% of Veo trips directly replace car trips, showcasing the service's tangible contribution to reducing thousands of car trips from Toledo streets annually.
  • 59% of riders successfully decrease car travel due to the availability of shared scooters and bikes, attesting to Veo's positive influence on personal transportation choices.

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How to Report a Veo Issue

Under the Rules and Regulations of the Toledo shared mobility program, Veo’s standing and seated electric scooters are allowed to be parked on the edge of the sidewalk closest to the street as long as they are parked upright and not in a way that blocks accessibility or interferes with the part of the sidewalk for pedestrian travel.

If you need to reach Veo for any reason, you can contact Veo’s customer service team directly by sending an email to, by calling 1-855-VEO-2256, or by reporting the issue through the help section of the Veo app.

If you need to reach Veo to report an issue with a specific Veo vehicle:

  • Gather vehicle identifying information. If possible, record the scooter’s identification number below its QR code by snapping a photo. You can find the QR code and identification number above the vehicle’s digital display.
  • Note the vehicle’s location. If possible, include a street address or the nearest intersection.
  • Contact Veo


If you would like more information about using the app, how to use the e-scooters, and how to report an abandoned e-scooter visit to

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