Home swimming pools, including in-ground and above-ground, are subject to state and local building and zoning requirements.

When do I need a permit?

  • All in-ground pools require a certificate of zoning compliance.
  • Above-ground pools deeper than 24" require a certificate of zoning compliance.
  • An electrical permit is required for pool electrical installation and bonding.
  • A building permit and site plan review is required for construction of a pool deck.

Additional permits may be required for other work. Overlay zoning districts may also have specific requirements. Be sure to review all relevant building and zoning codes.

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Relevant Building Codes

Ohio Residential Code Toledo Municipal Code Overlay Districts

General Requirements

  1. Pools are generally located in a rear yard, but are allowed in a side yard if the setback requirements can be met and the pool does not project within 3’ of the required front yard setback line.
  2. Pools may not be located beneath overhead electrical service wiring unless there’s a 22’-6” clearance from top of water, or if there’s a diving board or pool deck, the wire must also be 14’-6” above those.
  3. Pool construction can be done by the owner of the property or a licensed home improvement and remodeling contractor.

Residential Above-Ground Pools (portable or storable pools)

  1. Must be a minimum of 3 feet from property lines.
  2. Must be surrounded by a minimum 4’ high (barrier) fence with any access gates secured with locks, unless the side is at least 4 feet high and ladders are removed or locked up when not in use.
  3. Pool decks, if no higher than 3 feet, shall be at least two feet from adjacent side lot. If higher than 3 feet, the required side yard of 3 feet must be maintained.
  4. 42” deep portable above-ground pools and their associated equipment require an electrical bonding permit; pool of this type less than 42” in depth, do not.
  5. In all cases, the filter pump must be double insulated and the provision of grounding means (consisting of an equipment grounding conductor that is an integral part of the flexible cord) is also required. An electrical permit may be required if installing any new wiring to an existing or new pool.
  6. If the pool electrical used is an existing receptacle outlet, it needs GFCI.
  7. Follow the manufacturers installation instructions (MII) for proper setup.

Residential In-Ground Pools (family pools)

  1. Must be a minimum of 8 feet from property lines.
  2. Must be surrounded by a minimum 4’ high (barrier) fence, with any access gates secured with locks.
  3. Separate electrical permit for pool bonding is required.

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