We promote, provide, and maintain safe and efficient traffic flow on public roadways under the jurisdiction of the City of Toledo using accepted design practices and appropriate traffic control devices.

Included within these functions, but not necessarily obvious, are involvement in the coordination of special events, working with neighborhoods on providing safe closures for block parties, evaluation of streets for the installation of speed humps, and administration of an on-street parking program for mobility-impaired individuals.

Traffic Control Planning and Design

Problem Identification, Data Collection, Analysis & Design related to capacity and safety issues on public streets under the jurisdiction of the City of Toledo, including Maintenance of Traffic issues in order to maintain and improve traffic flow and safety.

Response Maintenance of Traffic Control Devices and Systems

Temporary and/or permanent repairs/replacement of traffic control devices (signs, signals & pavement markings) in order to maintain safe streets. Function includes emergency response activities, including placement of barricades for public safety emergencies.

Operation and Preventative Maintenance of Traffic Control Devices and Systems

Routine review and monitoring of existing traffic control device and system functions (signs, signals & pavement markings) on a pre-determined schedule to ensure that devices are installed and functioning in accordance with design and standards in order to maintain safe streets and reduce liability exposure.


  1. Upgrade and implement the traffic signal central control system for 80% of the signals
  2. Upgrade traffic signal heads and pedestrian countdown signals, thereby improving intersection safety
  3. Continue the replacement of signs with high-visibility signs to comply with new Federal and State requirements
  4. Continue the program of installing longlasting pavement markings
  5. Identify and evaluate high accident locations and generate grant applications to fund improvements
  6. Fully implement the hydro-stripping/recycling of the aluminum signs program with LOTT Industries
  7. Work with the Safe Routes to School organization to implement plans for safety improvements around schools

Transportation Highlights

  1. Reduced energy consumption of traffic signals by over 30% from 2011 by changing incandescent bulbs to LED units.
  2. Completed training of 8 of our Traffic Signal Technicians and obtained IMSA Certification.
  3. Completed conversion of a portion of Huron to two-way traffic flow.
  4. Worked with Engineering Services towards planning and design of major projects that included Collingwood Avenue, Jackson Street Transit Hub, UT/Dorr St Corridor, Secor Road, and Promenade Park.
  5. Replaced red ball turn signal indicators with red arrow indicators city wide.
  6. Completed 100% of pavement markings within the City for the first time in many years.
  7. Started program of replacing street name signs with new larger 6”letters and upper/lower case format as directed by new federal guidelines.