The City of Toledo's Bench/Tree Dedication Program is a meaningful way to honor and memorialize special individuals in our parks and green spaces.

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  • Cost: $2,500
  • Personalization: 3”x 12” engraved plaque with approved message, bench style is determined by the city.
  • Installation: timeline varies, sponsors will be notified 2-4 weeks prior to installation.
  • Location: sponsor requests considered, final placement determined by the city to maximize benefit.
  • Retirement: bench lifespan is 15 years, at which time the plaque can be picked up by sponsors or renewed.


  • Cost: $600
  • Personalization: no plaques, rocks, flowers, or other items are allowed on or around the tree.
  • Installation: spring and fall, aligned with the city's tree planting schedule.
  • Location: tree type, species, and location determined by the city to maximize benefit.

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Mail to:
City of Toledo, Parks, Recreation & Forestry
2201 Ottawa Dr.
Toledo, Ohio 43606


Any and all dedicated benches/trees and plaques are the property of the City of Toledo Parks and Youth Services Department and will be maintained, relocated, removed, or disposed of at their discretion.

Bench/Tree Dedication Program costs for material and installation maybe subject to change. Cost as outlined are finalized and approved by City of Toledo Parks Recreation & Community Engagement Commissioner and Parks and Youth Services Director.

The number of bench/tree dedications within the city may, at any time, be limited or temporarily placed on-hold based on available maintenance resources such as staff, contract services, water restrictions, or other factors.

Bench style, tree species, and location of dedicated trees/benches will be determined by the City to maximize benefit and minimize impact on park use and maintenance operations.

The City accepts no liability for damages to any benches/trees from vandals or third parties. Maintenance shall be at the discretion of the the City.