Restoring the Ottawa River in Jermain Park

The restoration project will enhance wetlands and instream conditions within the Maumee River watershed, improving habitat for fish and wildlife. 2.7 acres of wetland with native plantings will be enhanced, stabilizing 2,300 linear feet of eroding streambank and improving 750 feet of riparian buffer.

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Restoration Metrics

  • 2.7 acres of wetland with native plantings
  • 2,300 linear feet of eroding streambank
  • 750 feet (1.5 acres) of riparian buffer

About the Project

History of Jermain Park

Jermain Park is located on land purchased by the City of Toledo in 1915 which was then added to the Toledo Park system. The Ottawa River runs through the park and has undergone dredging and infrastructure development over time, including previous use as an amusement park. Past activity at the site degraded fish and wildlife habitat, but the potential to provide significant habitat for a variety of native species exists. A project management team for this project has been meeting since late 2021 to provide the City of Toledo with professional advice and experience.


  • Environmental
    Bring new fish and wildlife habitat, reduced soil erosion
  • Economic
    Increase regional benefits to eco-tourism, birding, and fishing
  • Community
    Improve urban natural space, water quality and, ecosystem health

Project Progress

Fall 2019Grant Awarded
Fall 2021Designs Complete
Spring 2023Construction Begins
Summer 2024Construction Complete

Funding and Partners

Over $700,000 is available for this project through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a regional program that is supporting implementation of a comprehensive restoration plan for the Great Lakes, including cleaning up AOCs. The project funding comes from NOAA through a Regional Partnership with GLC. The project is being managed locally by the City of Toledo.

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