Troy Township Joint Economic Development District

Commissioner:  John Zawisza

City of Toledo/Troy Township JEDD
Attn:  Jeff Riebe, Administrative Specialist
One Government Center, Suite 2070
Toledo, Ohio  43604

Phone:  419.245.1674
Fax:      419.936.2320

Effective August 1st, 2013 the City of Toledo and Troy Township has entered into a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) agreement.  The City of Toledo/Troy Township JEDD has a municipal income tax that is applicable to all work performed in the Troy Township JEDD.  This activity is covered under Troy Township Resolution 2013-4. 

The rate of the Troy Township JEDD tax is two and one-quarter percent (2-1/4%).  As an employer, you are required to withhold municipal income tax from all compensation paid to your employees while working inside the Troy Township JEDD.  The 2-1/4% tax is also levied on net profits attributable to the Troy Township JEDD projects. 

For assistance with tax forms and information, please call the Division of Taxation and Treasury, City of Toledo at (419) 245-1662. The following forms are available for download.  All are in PDF Format:


2019 Troy Township JEDD Monthly Withholding Forms 


2018 Troy Township JEDD Estimated Tax Vouchers

2018 Troy Township JEDD Monthly Withholding Forms

2018 Troy Township JEDD Quarterly Withholding Forms


2017 Troy Township JEDD Tax Return

2017 Troy Township JEDD W-3 Reconciliation


Troy Township JEDD Non-Resident Refund Form

2014 Troy Township JEDD Tax Return

2015 Troy Township JEDD Tax Return

2016 Troy Township JEDD Tax Return

Troy Township JEDD Tax Liability Questionnaire

Troy Township Resolution 2013-4

General Instructions for the Tax Return