Human Relations Commission

“The Human Relations Commission shall endeavor to support a safe, energetic, and livable city. The commission will support residents working to overcome prejudice and build mutual respect.”

Toledo City Council on June 5, 2018 appointed 12 members to the newly-formed Human Relations Commission.

Those selected by the Kapszukiewicz administration for the Human Relations Commission, and confirmed by council, are:

Deborah Barnett, owner of n-Sync, LLC and a former Huntington Bank executive.
Thomas Douglas, an attorney in private practice and a trained mediator who trains mediators.
Anna Leck, who is experienced working with children at Children’s Resource Center.
James Hartung, executive director of Toledo Sister Cities.
Guiselle McDonald, a Welcome Toledo Lucas County board member.
Najwa Badawi, executive committee member of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.
Ramona Olvera, sociology Instructor at Owens Community College.
Raina Dawson, a University of Toledo Law School student and trained mediator.
Michael Alexander, AFL-CIO, UAW liaison to the United Way of Greater Toledo and a Neighborhood Health Association board member.
Jules Schwartz, a licensed pharmacist and researcher who is trained in conflict management and leadership.
Rachel Richardson, executive director of Art Corner Toledo.
Lauraine Carpenter, principal trumpet for The Toledo Symphony.


The commission consists of fourteen members. Thirteen members are citizens appointed by the mayor and subject to confirmation by council in accordance with the composition requirements set forth herein. The remaining member is a member of city council who sits on the commission in an ex-officio capacity. The council member of the commission is the chairman of the council committee with oversight of the commission as determined by the president and members of council. The councilmember of the commission is non-voting.

Initially the composition of the thirteen citizen members of the commission will include four members appointed to one-year terms, four members appointed to two-year terms, and five members will be appointed to three-year terms. Members appointed after the initial members are appointed shall be appointed for three-year terms. To the greatest extent practicable, the commission shall be comprised of members who represent the racial and ethnic diversity of the men and women of Toledo, and who have demonstrated in their words and actions a sensitivity to the need to end discrimination and ensure equal opportunity for all. In order to ensure representation of a broad range of community perspectives, the commission will include one labor representative, one religious affiliation representative, one education representative, one business or economic development representative, one youth representative, one member of the legal community, one neighborhood representative, one LGBT representative, and five at-large appointments. The at-large appointments include the four members and the board chairman who make up an executive committee.