Department of Public Service

Paul Rasmusson, Director
North Westwood Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43607
Fax: 419-245-1310


To provide quality, efficient and timely services to the citizens of the City of Toledo in the most cost-effective manner through the utilization of innovative practices, state-of-the-art technology and a courteous, well-trained workforce, with a heightened sense of pride and professionalism.

The Department of Public Service is comprised of the following:



Please click here to report a pothole or call (419) 936-2020.


Click here for a short, fun video on better recycling practices!

Recycling works! Recycling is environmentally responsible, reduces waste and helps to preserve the City's valuable landfill space for future generations. Education is a cornerstone of an effective recycling program and Toledo residents are encouraged to keep these few things in mind when recycling:

  • Placing non-appoved materials into recycling carts harms recycling efforts in Toledo.
  • One household that puts yard waste or other non-approved material in its recycling cart can contaminate 6-10 tons of carefully-prepared recyclables. The whole load can be rejected by the recycling center and wind up in the landfill instead.

Here are the top six curbside recycling contaminants:

  1. Garbage
  2. Plastic bags, plastic film
  3. Yard waste
  4. C&D (construction and demolition) bulky items (shingles, broken furniture, tables, wood, concrete)
  5. Garden hoses, wire, bulky scrap metal
  6. Clothing

 PLACE THE ABOVE ITEMS in the gray refuse containers, put out for monthly bulk pickup, or recycle elsewhere.

Let's help make recycling work in Toledo. It is a community effort to make recycling work well and residents can do their part by understanding and following these basic recycling guidelines. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!


Questions may also be handled by Engage Toledo through 419-936-2020 or

  1. Where do I get a marriage license? Who do I call? Where do I go?
    Lucas County 419-213-4750

  2. Where do I get a death certificate? Who do I call? Where do I go?
    Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4000 extension 6 

  3. Who do I call about rats?
    Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4000 extension 3 

  4. I need to pay my water bill. Who do I call?
    Utilities Department at 419-245-1800

  5. Who do I call about a sinkhole?
    Utilities Dispatch 419-936-2924

  6. Who do I call about a pothole?
    Streets, Bridges & Harbor Dispatch 419-936-2523

  7. My street has not been plowed. Who do I call?
    Streets, Bridges & Harbor Dispatch 419-936-2523

  8. My leaves have not been picked up. Who do I call?
    Streets, Bridges & Harbor Dispatch 419-936-2523

  9. My trash was not picked up. Who do I call?
    Republic Services 419-936-2511

  10. The grass needs cut at a vacant home. Who do I call?
    Engage Toledo 419-936-2020



Transportation 419-245-1300
Streets, Bridges & Harbor 419-936-2523
Hoffman Road Landfill 419-936-3077
Facility & Fleet Operations 419-936-2507
Parks 419-936-2875
Recreation 419-936-3887
Forestry 419-936-2875
Cemeteries 419-936-3081
Boardups/Weed Control 419-936-2020 (Engage Toledo)