Recreation maintains over 100 Athletic fields and facilities, which includes baseball and softball diamonds, city pools, park shelter houses, tennis courts and the Ottawa Park Ice Rink.  In addition, Recreation coordinates youth and adult athletic programs, which include baseball, softball, basketball and tennis, along with numerous special events such as: Skating with Santa; Pumpkin-a-Rama; Eggxtravaganza; Fishing Rodeo; Pitch, Hit & Run; Punt, Pass & Kick; numerous Athletic Tournaments; Senior Programs; and Concerts in the Ottawa Park Amphitheater. 



  • Bowman Park (2010 Tremainsville Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43613) One lighted High School Diamond and Seven Open Diamonds.
  • Byrne Park (2221 Byrne Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43614) One High School Diamond.
  • Detwiler Youth Baseball Complex (421 Summit St. Toledo, Ohio 43611) Four Lighted Youth Baseball Diamonds.
  • Scott Park Baseball/Softball Complex (Nebraska & Parkside Toledo, Ohio 43607) Four Lighted Youth Baseball & Softball/Adult Softball Diamonds.
  • Joe E. Brown Park Baseball/Softball fields  (150 W. Oakland St. Toledo, Ohio 43608)
  • Ravine Park ll, Wlodarz/Sabo Baseball/Softball fields (Colorado and Dearborn Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43605)


  • Asbury Park (4300 Asbury) Two Courts
  • Bennett Park (Bennett & Laskey Rd.) Two Courts
  • Copland Park (4714 Copland Blvd.) Two Courts
  • Delucia Park (3947 Shadylawn) Two Courts
  • Foxglove Park (4427 Willis) Two Courts
  • Harry Kessler Park (290th Street) One Court
  • Jermain Park (1720 South Cove) Ten Courts
  • Navarre Park (907 White St.) Four Courts
  • Ottawa Park (2204 West Bancroft St) Six Courts
  • Pine Glen Park (Wynne & Vogel Two Courts
  • Sleepy Hollow Park (4035 Dorr) Two Courts
  • Smith Park (910 Dorr St.) Two Courts
  • Trilby Park (3125 Shawnee) One Court
  • Willys Park (Hillcrest & Willys Parkway) Four Courts
  • Winterfeld Park (4551 Hill Ave.) Two Courts


  • Asbury Park (4300 Asbury) One Court
  • DeLucia Park (3947 Shadylawn One Court
  • Friendship Park (2822 131st Street) One Court
  • Jamie Farr Park (2225 Summit St.) One Court
  • Macelwane Park (Virginia &Maplewood) One Court
  • Navarre Park (907 White St.) Half Court
  • Pickford Park (3649 Pickford) One Court
  • Savage Park (Vance & City Park) Two Courts
  • Smith Park (910 Dorr St.) Three Courts
  • Trilby Park (2125 Shawnee) One Court


  • Schneider Soccer Complex (2706 Schneider Rd.) Four Full Fields

If you are looking to permit an athletic field or a facility for league play, tournaments and/or practice,  please call for additional information (419) 936.3881.