Sewer and Drainage


Abed Semaan
Commissioner of Field Operations

David E. Pratt, Administrator

4032 Creekside Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43612
Phone: 419-936-2924
Fax: 419-936-2716


Sewer & Drainage Services provides cost effective and uninterrupted operation and maintenance of 1100 miles of sanitary sewers, 986 miles of storm sewers and 64 miles of ditch drainage systems for the citizens of Toledo.


Sewer calls and questions may be made directly to the sewer dispatcher at 419-936-2924, who will issue a work order to the appropriate section if needed.


Municipal Code Links Regarding Sewers

  • Chap. 925. Sewer Definitions and Construction Standards.
  • Chap. 927. Sewer Connections and Use. (Licensure required)