Improving Air Quality

Air pollution comes from many different sources such as factories, power plants, and smelters and smaller sources such as cars, buses, planes, trucks, and trains. As a business in Toledo, you are expected to adhere to air quality regulations and best practices.

Air Pollution Permits

Permits specify limits on the quantity of air contaminants emitted and requirements for construction and operation of regulated of air contaminant sources.

Ohio EPA Air Pollution Permitting Forms, Fees, and Information


Asbestos regulations require that contractors do several things, such as provide a notification, conduct thorough inspections to determine the presence of asbestos, follow specific work practices, and ensure proper disposal of asbestos-containing material.

Ohio EPA Asbestos Forms, Fees, and Information

Noise Pollution

The industrial anti-noise law (TMC 507) pertains to noise levels emitted from fixed machinery, equipment, or similar mechanical devices. The maximum sound produced by any piece of construction equipment manufactured after March 5, 1977, within a residential area, or within 500 feet of a school or hospital is 90 dbA.

Open Burning

Open burning is any open flame exposed to the environment, where pollutants produced from the fire are emitted directly into the surrounding air. This includes the burning of leaves, wood and trash.