How to Become a Licensed Mobile Food Vendor in Toledo

Anyone selling from food from a truck, trailer, cart, or other mobile rigs must follow state, county, and city regulations regarding mobile food.

Beginning in 2024, all mobile food vendors must fill out an application or renewal online.

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Important Information

2024 Food Trucks List

1. State of Ohio

The State of Ohio Department of Taxation requires mobile food vendors to have a valid transient vendor license.

2. Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

The TLC Health Department performs operation plan reviews and food safety inspections for mobile food vendors. Passing vendors will receive a mobile food unit license.

3. Proof of insurance

The City of Toledo requires liability insurance for all mobile food vendors operating in Toledo. The amount of liability coverage is dependent on the type of vendor:

  • $1,000,000 for motorized mobile food vending trucks or trailers
  • $300,000 for pushcarts

4. Fire Safety Inspection

The Toledo Fire Prevention Bureau requires an annual inspection to ensure vehicles are compliant with the most up to date fire code requirements.

  • Schedule your inspection with Toledo Fire & Rescue Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-245-1140
  • Complete the propane pressure leak test with a Licensed Bonded Professional (LBP) in accordance with NFPA, DOT, and OFC standards
  • Fill out the mobile food unit inspection form (last two pages) and bring it to your scheduled fire inspection
  • Inspection is included in $50 registration with the City of Toledo License Bureau
  • Inspection must be repeated annually

5. City of Toledo

The City of Toledo requires mobile food units to register with the Department of Finance. This should be your final step, as you will be required to show proof of all the above.

  • File a certificate of tax compliance with the Division of Taxation
  • Submit your application online
  • $50 registration fee
  • Registration must be updated annually

Things to Remember


  1. Operate anywhere you can park legally, in the direction of the curbside. [TMC 746.02 (h)]
  2. Obtain permission to sell in a City park from the Division of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry by emailing
  3. Use proper flashing lights and signage when stopping temporarily. [TMC 746.03]
  4. Keep the public right-of-way clear and allow for ADA compliant access. [TMC 746.02 (b)]
  5. Don’t sell to someone in a vehicle that is stopped in traffic. [TMC 746.02 (f)]


  1. Obtain permission to use City electrical outlets. [TMC 746.02 (e)]
  2. Provide space for customers to maintain 6 feet of separation from each other. [Ohio Department of Health]
  3. Don’t provide tables or chairs for customer use. [Lucas County Health Commissioner]


  1. Keep the area 15 feet around your truck clean. [TMC 746.02 (c)]
  2. Provide a trash receptacle for customers and keep it from overflowing. [TMC 746.02 (c)]
  3. Remove all your waste before leaving a location. [TMC 746.02 (d)]