Service: at the heart of what we do.

Connecting people with services, residents with employees, expectations with results. People come first — we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our colleagues and residents.

Service as Culture

Our expectation is that each employee be trained and empowered to find solutions and build relationships. We take pride in knowing what to do, how to do it, and going the extra mile to make each interaction a positive one. We learn from the experiences that didn't go right and make changes to improve in the future.

From the Mayor

Customer service is a strategic priority for my administration and for me personally. City services are for residents and we are committed to making sure those services are delivered with the highest quality of service.


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Compliments from Residents

"Thank you to the sewer department who came out and did the maintenance on the ditch the next day! I'm so happy with the quickness of the response and how well the work was done." - Kim

"I just wanted to send a shout out to Frank in Customer Service. He was so extremely helpful and courteous today. He helped to answer my questions on our billing and online setup. He went above and beyond and explained how the meter reads take place and what is coming new with meter updates. He deserves a raise or a gift card incentive!" - Bruce

"I got a chance to speak with a forestry crew and watch them work. They were a good group who did good work." - Bill

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Our Priorities

Understand our customers and their needs

Strengthen relationships with our customers and consistently meet expectations for a high standard of customer service delivery

Effectively communicate with our customers and the community

Establish and maintain principles of customer service that put the interests of the customer first

Empower all employees to serve our customers

Foster, recognize, and acknowledge a culture that supports a high standard in customer service delivery

Value customer satisfaction and simplify the customer experience

Review and streamline systems and processes to drive customer engagement and satisfaction

Embrace and leverage technology to benefit our customers

Provide technology solutions that streamline business processes, simplify customer interaction and provide accurate real-time information sources

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