Shinning a Spotlight on Toledo Gems

Business Resident Employee

Business Spotlights

Old South End

Tex-Mex Tortilleria

If you are making your way down Broadway in the Old South End, you don’t want miss Tex-Mex Tortilleria. Owned by Alex and Rosemary Quinones, Tex-Mex is famous for their corn tortillas. Fans are known to drive all the way from MI, PA and ILL to taste one still warm from the oven.

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Suder Square Shopping Center.

Aqua Culture, LLC

Aqua Culture is a wonderful example of the expertise and product diversity found among our Toledo small businesses. Not only do they host ceramic classes, they also showcase an ocean wonderland of fish, coral and accessories in the heart of the Great Lakes.

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Resident Spotlights

After-School All-Stars

Anthony Singer Jr.

Instead of venturing into the corporate world, resident Anthony Singer decided to follow his mother’s example and begin a career in social advocacy, specifically helping kids who come from low-income households.

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Green Waste Recycler

Tahree Lane

Lane made a pledge to herself that she would not put anything in her garbage that can be recycled or composted even if it was inconvenient. That included green waste, which she refuses to put in the trash.

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Employee Spotlights

Lead Equipment Operator

Keith B. McCoy Sr.

Keith McCoy has been at the Hoffman Road Landfill for over 20 years, In his position, McCoy makes sure that everything runs smoothly with all of the operators, takes care of the equipment, and operates the new compactor

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Code Compliance Officer 1

Debra Rodriguez-Dickerson

Deb Rodriguez-Dickerson claims she hasn’t worked a day in her life, even though she started with the City of Toledo in 1995. The ever changing duties means no two days are the same, and she has a story to prove it!

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